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Improve Website Design For The Search Engines

Internet marketing
Final Host will increase website traffic by optimizing your website's content making your website a viable marketing source for your products and services. We will optimize your existing website or build your website from square one to be "search engine friendly" thus, creating an online business that flourishes. Website optimizing is just one more keystone in a successful online presence that will produce sales & drive targeted customers to find and then buy your products and services online.

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Website Optimization For Search Engine Friendly Design - Our Marketers Can Help 
Search Engine Optimization & Promotion For Your Website
Search Engine Optimization is not only about technology and submissions; it's also about marketing strategy and optimizing your website website optimization design and content thereof to be, "search engine friendly". As you know this is important to your online business as over 85% of users find websites through search engines, and if you are not a household name like Colgate, Mr. Clean etc.. most people will not type the URL into the address bar and go directly to your website. Which leaves us with, "if they can't find your site via a search engine, you will not be found"  the alternative; advertise through conventional means; papers, magazines, TV, radio etc... which can be far to expensive for most companies. This certainly will leave most companies out in the cold and provide most with a catch 22 situation where your site is ranked poorly and, you will lose most traffic to your competitors because, you are number 1,000 in the search engine listings. You've probably read this statistic before, but what most may not know is that, 33% of all search engine users believe that the top ranking websites are the best brands on the market because, they have the most money to spend / promote their website thus, making them the best. An untrue belief but none-the-less a belief, you have all heard about "urban legends" well it's the same thing!

How We Will Achieve This
Final Host can position, re-position your website and improve your rankings to the major search engines and directories using these six elements of SEO (search engine optimization) for existing and websites that we design:

  1. Optimization - Search engine friendly HTML optimization: website meta tags, alt tags, emphasis on important text etc..
  2. Submission - Proper submission protocol for each individual search engine
  3. Registration - Verification of successful submissions
  4. Monitoring - Evaluation of statistic logs for search engine activity
  5. Positioning - Fine-tuning of submitted pages
  6. Maintenance - Continuous attendance to all the above actions

We place all our effort into websites design and consider all aspects of that design,
- End users/site visitors/target audience should be primary
- Human based search engines
- and then finally crawler based search engines

How to arrange words, how to place graphic images and multimedia files etc.., will communicate to the search engines, what is important on those pages.

Webdesign basic rulesBasic Rules Of Web Design
- Easy to read
- Easy to navigate
- Easy to find (externally and internally)
- Consistent in layout and design
- Contact information should be easily visible and easy to find
- Quick to download
--- Easy to Use ---

All this should be considered and pre-determined by you & the web designer before your site design takes place as; all this information combined can either make or break your online success so think carefully when investing in your website's design it should be all about how a targeted audience will find your website & purchase from your online business.

If you are interested in receiving further information about search engine friendly optimization then call us: 1-519-620-8143 or contact us for more details.


Cost For An "Existing" Website$35.00 per page

"New" Search Engine Friendly Website Design: - Contact us for a free design estimate

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