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Managed Website Services
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 security services Please Call 1.250.598.0058 or e-mail support@finalhost.com for a free consultation and customized quote

Final Host Managed Website Services provides website management solutions for business based website owners. Final Host will build from the ground up, maintain, manage, update secure, monitor and produce high-quality business websites. Our "Managed Website Service" will help your company reduce the cost of staffing required to manage, monitor and maintain a website presence, services & equipment.

Final Host also assists in helping your company's website exposure and traffic, by providing the expertise & knowledge you need for designing search engine friendly websites. We set goals &  initiatives that ensures 24/7 availability of your website and place strategic keywords and phrases that help potential customers find you through the search engines ranking system. Experience the difference that Final Host can make with our "Managed Website Services":
  • Specialized solutions to fit your needs
  • Reduced website's security risks:  bad, dangerous scripts, invalid security for receiving private information such as; credit card transactions, hacks etc..
  • Service includes free search engine meta tags for webpages
  • Provide 24/7 website monitoring for website's statistics, log files, website availability etc..
  • Less effort and knowledge to manage and maintain website and equipment
  • We do not outsource your website's presence in whole or in part we supply in-house management, monitoring, servers & reaction - contact us any time.
  • Your website will be housed in a secure, post disaster, state-of-the-art facility.
  • Lower staffing & cost of business operations
Who Needs Website Management?
Anyone that wants to build, maintain, manage, secure & utilize the best up to date website technology using approved W3C methods. Anyone with little time that need to reduce website management, staffing & cost.

Managed Website Security Services

Security is one of the most important issues for a website business owners servers, presence & secure server hosting yet, this is something most companies ignore until it is too late.

Final Hostís "Managed Website Security Solutions" are designed to increase server & website security by preventing unauthorized access to or from a server by port, log files, firewall monitoring, changing website's passwords frequently to avoid website hacking. Secure Severs are used to prevent private information leaking to internet eaves droppers (hackers). All messages entering or leaving the website SSL (secure socket layer) server, network pass through & encrypts each message to meet the specified security guidelines and verifies users authenticity.

Peace Of Mind: Final Host understands the importance of our customer's data. If you wish to ensure that you can always recover from a catastrophic event such as a hard disk failure there is absolutely no substitute to regular back-up of your data. Regardless of the type or size of your business, backup solutions protect your critical data Final Host will back up your website every time there are changes made to your site.

Managed Website Management Services

Final Host can help you with any of your website maintenance needs. This may include; re-design of a existing website, incorporating interactive website areas such as adding real audio, real video, interactive scripts: calculators, real-time news, live chat, ecommerce shopping cart etc..
  • Manage, maintain & add website information updates
  • Provide 24x7 monitoring & reports on websites traffic & activity using, statistics, log files etc.
  • Monitor & create web pages for website marketing analysis
  • Create custom graphics, business logos and banners
  • Add & implement interactive web pages
  • Messaging: Add website chat, create autoresponders, add email accounts etc.
  • Create, edit & encode real audio & video files
  • Add, manage shopping cart & secure server hosting for ecommerce websites
  • Provide & manage spam, virus and spyware firewall for the protection of business email accounts
  • Final Host web designers will build, manage and maintain your website from the ground up
security services Interested in our website services?
Please Call 1.250.598.0058 or e-mail sales@finalhost.com for a free consultation and customized quote.

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