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Managed Security Services
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 security services Please Call 1.250.598.0058 or e-mail support@finalhost.com for a free consultation and customized quote

Final Host Managed Security Service provides state-of-the-art solutions for small and medium enterprise network firewalls with the help of high-quality products. Our Managed Security Service will help your company reduce the cost of staffing required to manage, monitor and maintain firewall services and equipment.

Final Host also assists in eliminating your company's risk and exposure to network threats, provides the expertise you need for complex security initiatives and ensures 24/7 availability of your network. Experience the security and protection provided by Final Host Managed Security Service:
  • Specialized solutions to fit your needs
  • Reduced risk against attacks, hacks, viruses, spyware, spam and more
  • Free Pre-emptive Microsoft Security Patching
  • 24/7 monitoring for immediate response to potential threats - fee based upon requirements
  • Less effort and knowledge to manage and maintain equipment
  • In-house management, monitoring and reaction
  • Specialists available for installation and more complex security initiatives
  • Lower staffing & cost of business operations
Server Colocation Who Needs Security?
Everyone that is connected to the internet needs to secure their servers & personal systems, always utilize the best, up to date, software technology has to offer or suffer the consequences and expense that will follow if valid security methods are not in place.

Managed Firewall

Security is one of the most important issues for Internet exposed servers yet something most companies ignore until it is too late.

Final Hostís Managed Firewall Solutions are designed to increase server security by preventing unauthorized access to or from a server. Firewalls can be implemented in both hardware and software, or a combination of both. Firewalls are frequently used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing servers or private networks connected to the Internet. All messages entering or leaving the server or network pass through the firewall, which examines each message and blocks those that do not meet the specified security criteria.

Managed Back Up & Disaster Recovery

Definition of Data Backup: consists of copying data on a regular basis to ensure timely restoration in case of accidental data loss or corruption. 

Final Host understands the importance of our customer's data. If you wish to ensure that you can always recover from a catastrophic event such as a hard disk failure there is absolutely no substitute to regular back-up of your data. Regardless of the type or size of your business, backup solutions protect your critical data, simplify the management of data backup and recovery, and provide consistent, reliable data protection by using Final Host for all your systems recovery.

About Our Back Up & Disaster Recovery Service: Final Host's Online Backup is a service that resides in Final Hostís disaster-recovery facility. Utilizing the backup software, Time Navigator, and an existing internet connection, backups are administered through the internet on a schedule designed by the customer. Based upon a file-level detection method, Time Navigator (TiNa) detects and backs up only the files that have changed since the last session. This allows for shorter backup windows, increased efficiency and decreased bandwidth consumption. Installation of Time Navigator takes only twenty minutes, from start to finish, and once the services are running, backups are performed automatically. All data is compressed and encrypted using 128bit Blowfish cipher before being sent to our facility to ensure the security of each clientís data. Disaster recovery procedures are performed, via an internet connection, quickly and easily from a user-friendly interface.

Secure Server / SSL

Definition of secure server: A web server that uses a web security protocol, such as SSL. 

Enabling secure e-commerce and confidential communications for Web sites, intranets, and extranets. Final Host will protect your customer's private data (credit cards) by installing SSL certificates on your server. We will offer assistance in discerning the level of encryption that you will need for your business and install all necessary software.

Industrial Strength Anti-spam, Anti-virus & Spyware Protection

Definition of spam firewall: A spam firewall is a single box computing appliance that is set up in front of the email server. A proper spam firewall protects the email server from all forms of attack in addition to filtering spam. Our spam firewall blocks 95% of all unsolicited spam emails.

Below is a brief outline of our anti-spam service. Why settle on a more costly solution when our spam solution is one of the easiest and superior spam services out there on the market today:

Blacklisting of Web sites & domains: Final Host maintains an up-to-date list of the largest and most aggressive known spammers. This list is maintained by both our anti-spam network and other anti-spam groups. This list is automatically updated on each Spam Firewall.

Keyword scanning of emails: This can be configured on a per-user basis. Our scanning methods include a scoring system such that emails are scored based on a number of criteria. If the score is above a threshold, then that email is flagged as spam. Our Spam Firewall comes with default thresholds that can be changed according to user preferences.

Checksum technology: Our network monitors email traffic via the Internet and uses checksum technology to keep track of the number of times a particular message has appeared on the Internet. If a message has appeared very broadly, it would be categorized as "known spam". Checksums of known spam messages are utilized by our  Spam Firewall to block spam messages.

Message authenticity checking: Several algorithms are utilized to verify the authenticity of a message. Some of these are simple checks to verify that the from address is authentic. Some are more complex relating to SMTP protocol.

Blacklists and Whitelists: Domains, IPs, and email addresses can be blocked or whitelisted (allowed through). These lists may be maintained on a per-user or corporate basis.

Rate controls: Rate controls are utilized to stop DOS (denial of service) attacks as well as dictionary based spam attacks. Rate controls are are integrated and automatic in our Spam Firewall.

Spam Fingerprint Checking: Fingerprinting techniques examine the characteristics, or fingerprint, of emails previously identified as spam and use this information to identify the same or similar email, each time one is intercepted. These real time fingerprint checks are continuously updated by Barracuda Central and provide a method of identifying spam with nearly zero false positives.

Intent Analysis: Intent Analysis is used to look at the objective or goal of the email. If the objective of the email is to sell something, (such as click a URL) , or get the user to take a particular action that is indicative spam, the email will be categorized as spam.

security services Interested in our security services?
Please Call 1.250.598.0058 or e-mail support@finalhost.com for a free consultation and customized quote.

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