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Visitors automatically subscribe & unsubscribe to email lists
Manage and control your e-mail lists on our network
Compose, edit, delete and read mail lists live online
Customized and target mailings of your choice
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Email List Management

Email list management software is used to handle and automate the administration of opt-in email lists, such as email newsletters, announcement lists and discussion groups. This type of software performs many functions that would otherwise have to be managed manually, such as automatic handling of subscriptions, sign-offs, email bounces and message archives. High-quality email list management software also provide security features that keep your lists secure and free from viruses and spam.

Listserv Overview
Build a strong customer base--send e-mail newsletters that promote your business using your personal client list.
*Our Listserv is included in most web hosting plans. 

Keep your clients up-to-date: Provide your current\ new clients with newsletters for, sale items, new additions to your website or any other information they may be interested in knowing regarding your company.

Store email lists: Store all your email addresses in one place using different file folders, providing you with easy at-a-glance access no need to hunt around for an email address that you may have misplaced-- improve your time management!

Easy to use! Manage and edit live online any time, anyplace--all that is required is a computer and internet connection! Keep current and in touch with your customers on related products and services they may be interested in purchasing.

Functions Provided By Email List Management Software:
 Automatic Subscriptions and Sign-Offs: People can automatically subscribe and unsubscribe to email lists without the list owner's involvement. This can be done using a Web form or by email.
Automatic Bounce Handling: Email list management software automatically handle bounces, regardless if the bounce is due to a bad email address, a full mailbox or an inoperational mail server.
Automatic Archiving: Every message posted to an email list is automatically placed in searchable list archives for future reference and made available to subscribers.
Automatic Virus Scanning: High-quality email list management software automatically scan all email messages for viruses before delivery. Since email lists involve distribution of large volumes of email, this type of integrated virus protection is critical.
Automatic Responses: Email list management software automatically send out templated email messages in response to events, such as subscriptions and sign-offs.

Let Us Help You Develop Your Email Marketing Strategy Campaign And Interactive Forms !

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    Client Comments Marketing Services Engine Optimization Add Google AdSense Listserv Manager Statistics Analyzer
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