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Final Host will procure all new server hardware and software for the customer. Server configuration services entail configuring all hardware and installing all software such as Operating System, Web Server, Application Server and Database Server. After server configuration, the server is provisioned into the Final Host data center. Final Host will manage the network and the server hardware, and provides value-added services. 
Server Administrative Management: Final Host engineers are available 24/7 to perform any administrative tasks billed at an hourly rate of $75.00. This service can be purchased by, blocks of ten hours, each tenth hour increment receives one hour free administrative service.
Who Needs A Dedicated Server?
Dedicated Hosting Sites that receive a high volume of traffic, sites that will need to handle thousands of transactions daily. Because dedicated servers cater to the needs of only one client as opposed to hundreds, performance, scalability, reliability and security are greatly enhanced. Performance: In a dedicated server environment, all the resources on a particular server are allocated to one customer. This allows for faster connection times, faster processing times and greater capacity.

Network Operations Center

Final Host offers a state-of-the-art network facility within its post-disaster building. The facility is monitored 24x7 by video surveillance, motion and vibration detection. Additionally, all access is restricted and controlled via a security card system and palm scan. In order to protect client computers, in the event of a fire, an immediate response carbon dioxide suppression system will flood the entire dedicated server area. Internet connectivity is provided by a high-availability, fault tolerant and redundant router structure that offers failover to wireless if landlines are compromised .... more

0C3 Connections

Final Host delivers our dedicated server plans with superior hardware which provides the best server performance available. Our network utilizes state-of-the-art, high-speed, non-congested, redundant OC-3 fiber-optic cable and Cisco Routers, including Multi-Homing provided through Data Base File Tech Group, our Network Connectivity Provider .... more

Server Colocation Managed Dedicated Hosting Features

Windows Dedicated Servers - Request Quote Linux Platform: Request a quote - Request Quote Custom Built Server: Request a quote
DELL PowerEdge 850
Intel P4 2.8 Ghz
1024 MB RAM
2 x 160 GB SATA (RAID 1)
50GB Bandwidth

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DELL PowerEdge 1850
  XEON 3.0 Ghz
  1024 MB DDR2 RAM
  2 x 73 GB SCSI (RAID 1)
  50GB Bandwidth

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DELL PowerEdge 1850
  XEON 3.0 Ghz
  1024 MB DDR2 RAM
  2 x 73 GB SCSI (RAID 1)
  50GB Bandwidth

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Interested in dedicated server hosting?
Please Call 1.250.598.0058 or e-mail sales@finalhost.com for a free consultation and customized quote.

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